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If you’d like to look younger without traveling to a doctor’s office, turn to Revive Health and Wellness in Norwell, Massachusetts, for exceptional care. Co-founders F. Craig Sylvester, MD, and Stephanie Sylvester, RN, offer anti-aging, mobile med spa services and travel to your home, office, or hotel. To learn more or to schedule an appointment with Revive Health and Wellness, call the office or book online today.

Mobile Med Spa Q&A

What is a mobile med spa?

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The mobile med spa at Revive Health and Wellness includes quality aesthetic services you can receive from the comfort of your home, office, hotel, or other location of your choice. Revive Health and Wellness uses protocols and procedures to always ensure sterility and safety at a location outside the med spa. Your RN aesthetic injector will review your precise plan of care with an MD or NP via a private HIPAA compliant tele-medicine service thereby bringing the team to you. The cosmetic services available can make you look many years younger.

Which mobile med spa services are available?

Some of the numerous mobile med spa services offered by Revive Health and Wellness include:

  • Botox®
  • Dysport®
  • Xeomin®
  • Jeuveau®
  • IV infusion therapy
  • Medical weight loss

Mobile services are a convenient alternative to in-office spa treatments, and many people prefer them. 

What are the benefits of mobile med spa treatments?

Some of the many benefits you can reap when choosing mobile med spa treatments with the Revive Health and Wellness team include:

  • Fewer lines and wrinkles
  • Younger-looking skin
  • Smoother skin
  • Revitalized skin 
  • Healthier-looking skin
  • Weight loss
  • Convenience 
  • No need to take off work
  • No need for childcare

Treatments available at Revive Health and Wellness are noninvasive and virtually painless. They can save you time and money, improve your quality of life, and help you look years younger without surgery or downtime.

Is a mobile med spa right for me?

To find out if mobile med spa services are right for you and which treatments are best, the team at Revive Health and Wellness discusses your medical history and evaluates your skin. Your provider personalizes mobile med spa treatments to give you the best results.

What happens during mobile med spa treatments?

What you can expect during mobile med spa treatments depends on the type of treatment you undergo. Your specialist travels to you. While you relax, you might receive an IV with nutrients and fluids or undergo cosmetic injections, facials, or medical weight loss counseling. The length of time each treatment lasts depends on your unique needs.

Revive Health and Wellness specialists take as much time as needed to give you highly effective aesthetic and wellness outcomes. They often recommend a series of cosmetic treatments. 

To learn more about the many mobile med spa services available at Revive Health and Wellness or to schedule an appointment, call the office or use the online booking feature today.